For all customers,

All employees work quickly with the mind working

Today’s daily goods miscellaneous goods industry full of many products is also one of the very tough industries.

As the business reform is progressing from goods to goods with the times,

Since our founding, Plus One Corporation,

We have promoted work with the main axis in the planning and manufacturing of everyday goods.

Meanwhile, we have taught from customers that lifestyle has changed dramatically.

That means “As long as there are people’s lives, product development is infinite.”

I want to deliver impression to all customers through product development,

I want to walk with your daily life ,,

I am proud of this feeling being our wish and it is the significance of the company’s continued existence.

From now on, all employees will work their mind,
We will do our utmost to develop new products that can keep pace with customer needs.

We appreciate your continued patronage as well as everyone’s future.


Representative Director Takatoshi Aoki